How to redash stucco

Pre-wetting the surface will overcome some absorption of dirty wash water from being absorbed back into the dull finish. Re-dash, Never Paint Stucco The reason most homeowners paint their stucco is because the typical cost of re-stuccoing re-dashing is more than just hiring a painter to paint over the existing stucco. Stucco is an ancient, even prehistoric, building material.


It can also be used to change the color of stucco but I have a slight worry that if the fog coat wears down at all the original color will show through. A plasterer cannot change the way the home was built or the environment it sits in.

how to redash stucco

If your stucco has been damaged due to remodeling or repair work Dashman can fix that too. Moisture penetrates the surface and then evaporates away. The benefits of stucco above paint are most substantial when a home has lots of damage and cracks.

Stucco Redash Twin Cities

A fog coat will cost you less and goes on much easier. Current methods of re-dashing provide a product that lasts decades and far longer than any paint job.

how to redash stucco

Repairs are made to cracks and minor problems in the surface and then the new layer is applied. If the stucco is cracked, chipped, or spalled, it needs to be repaired and then recovered with a whole new color coat.

Care and Maintenance of your Stucco Home

What Is Dash? Sometimes called a skip trowel, Spanish lace or knock-down.

how to redash stucco

Stucco should be inspected annually for holes, significant cracks, or separations. Fog coat is one of the cheaper ways to change the color of stucco and lasts longer than paint but shorter than doing a restucco job. The cheapest option is always paint, but that comes with the knowledge that you may have to do it again in a few years.

Stucco: Should You or Should You Not Paint It?

What to do with old stucco depends on several factors. Stucco is normally dry by days end. Lime is often added to decrease the permeability and increase the workability of modern stucco.