How to make soundcloud playlist repeatedly

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Login to the SoundCloud community Login. For many artists or labels, who have organic followings and fewer releases each month, the best way to maintain consistent traction on weekly basis has been to reshare the same content with the same partners repeatedly.

As result, many artists and tastemakers have received ever-increasing repost bans. If you accept you agree to our full cookie policy.

how to make soundcloud playlist repeatedly

I don't think it's gonna cost a lot for you guys to put it in since you've earned so much from the premium users each month. Asher Finendale.

What It Means Now That Soundcloud Removed Re-Reposts From Platform

What is the reasoning? And finally, consider posting a mini-sample pack or vocal track of your song for other artists to remix. I found out how to loop it.

how to make soundcloud playlist repeatedly

I'll be sure to pass it on to the relevant product team on our end. Users could repost a track, then un-repost it a few days later, and repost it again also called a re-repost. SoundCloud changes repost rules.

Maybe i'll keep using soundcloud but it's just paying too much for not enough. Help Shortcuts.

how to make soundcloud playlist repeatedly

Zachary George. Well, at least you did not take out the random button altogether but I agree with Arthur that this is making things more complicated rather than simple... Admittedly, in recent months, newer features have been introduced to address this issue including: Already have an account? Learn more about our cookies.

how to make soundcloud playlist repeatedly

Maximum file size: Tapping it again will take away the 1 but will keep the rectangle orange, meaning the album or playlist will repeat.