How to get paintinator in lbp2 costumes

It will turn the character as if to place the stickers like it usually does, but it will not turn the paintinator with it, its actually been there since LBP1, wouldn't worry too much about it. LittleBigPlanet 2 messed up the paintinator animations. I might end up getting the Christmas pack as well.

It's easy. As usual, brilliant wizards of Mm, Sony and Konami, thanks a lot.


Maxim head, Dr. Finally, it can be used to destroy unshielded brains on creatures.

How to transfer LBP2 Data and DLC to LBP3 PS4!

Save the sackbot with the plasma. Visit Blog.

how to get paintinator in lbp2 costumes

The Premium Level Pack is Awesome!!! My hand is behind the gun... This glitch has been Patched. Now see if you breathe forever.


But when I took the picture... Otherwise, the paintinator animations seem fine in regular gameplay. My only complaint is the same I made on during week one.

how to get paintinator in lbp2 costumes

Something similar happens on DCS, where sackboy does not not hold onto the the things he is suposed to hold onto. Just like last time, you'll need to take pictures of photos with the PlayStation Eye to use them in the game.

Sackboy will now spin around on the bolt.

how to get paintinator in lbp2 costumes

This glitch occurs randomly when you position the movie camera or move logic in create mode, it removes all of the sound in the game, and the only way to fix it to quit the game and re-entering it. Yes, they can. To keep the costume, it must be saved in "My Costumes".