How to enlist in coast guard

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Coast Guard-Enlisted

If you are READY to join a dedicated group of men and women who serve our nation by protecting its waterways and coastlines, then the Coast Guard wants to hear from you.

Think of your meeting with your recruiter as a job interview that will be an evaluation of your attitude, professionalism, honesty, respect, communication skills, work ethic, and volunteer spirit. There are several landlocked offices of the Coast Guard, and if you want to work for Coast Guard public relations or mechanical repair, you might not need to see water, except for basic training.

Since 1790 the Coast Guard has safeguarded our nations maritime interests and environment around the world. Vision requirements are also very stringent. Chat Now Still have Questions?

how to enlist in coast guard

You should ask about:. You must have a minimum of 30 months remaining on your enlistment before you can enter any Class A school. Hours Phone: In addition, normal color perception, depth perception and field of vision are required.

how to enlist in coast guard

You do not have to join another service prior to joining the Coast Guard. Classroom sizes range from 20 to 25 students. Coast Guard performs more missions than all the other services which requires all members to be versatile and hardworking.

Requirements for the Coast Guard

Coast Guard recruiters must present an accurate picture of Coast Guard training. There are nine districts covered by the Coast Guard: For the first year or two of active service, enlistees are assigned to a ship. The Coast Guard requires a minimum of 54 points on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test , but you should do better in order to be competitive with fellow recruits. Unlike other branches of the armed forces, all of the jobs in the Coast Guard including combat roles are open to both men and women.

how to enlist in coast guard

By Patrick Long. The U.

how to enlist in coast guard

As one of the nation's five armed services, the Coast Guard has been involved in every war from 1790 to Iraq and Afghanistan. You also must be between 17-31 If you are 17, you'll need parental consent. They board ships every day to inspect the cargo, and, when the need arises, impound enormous amounts of drugs or other contraband.

U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve

The Coast Guard has been training service cadets since 1877, when cutters Coast Guard vessels longer than 65 feet were used as training platforms. Paying Your Dues As with all other armed service branches, the Coast Guard requires an intensive training session called boot camp.

how to enlist in coast guard

In exchange, enlisted personnel must serve satisfactorily for the specified period of time. Pay particular attention to the list of items you cannot bring to boot camp, the 11 General Orders and the Position of Attention.