How to bleed hayes nine hydraulic brakes

how to bleed hayes nine hydraulic brakes

What you're aiming for here is to have the inboard pad as close to the rotor as possible without it rubbing the disc. I cannot tell how grateful I am! Pump lever until firm 6.

how to bleed your hayes hfx-9 fast and easy?

A syringe will work better, but I haven't had any problems with the bottle. Join Date Jan 2005 Posts 25,412 These are the Strokers but the technique is the same except with syringe. Join Date Jun 2005 Posts 1,600 Also make sure you have the lever as high as possible, and the caliper as low as possible.

Before openeing the bleed valve at the caliper, remove the air in the hose connected to etiher the bottle of syringe.

How to Bleed Hayes Hydraulic Brakes

You may want to remove both tires for this procedure. Originally Posted by coop3422. Join Date Oct 2005 Posts 3,160 Originally Posted by coop3422 ok, and does it matter what kind of suringe i use? Loosen and rotate lever if necessary until screw point upward.

how to bleed hayes nine hydraulic brakes

As your pads wear down you need to manually adjust the pistons to make the brake feel solid. Here is what the fitting looks like: At least on cars and I didn't think these disc brakes would be so complicated. Attach tubing to bleed nipple. Spin wheel and check for brake rub.

Hayes Sole Brakes, when i pull the lever, it does nothing! HELP!

In the video, they use a bottle and some zip ties to hang it on the handlebars. Any assistance would be appreciated. They say to remove the caliper from the bike but the illustrations show it clearly attached.

Route bleed hose into bottle to catch fluid.

how to bleed hayes nine hydraulic brakes

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how to bleed hayes nine hydraulic brakes