How do stun darts work

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how do stun darts work

They were a paper cone with a nail sticking in them backward, so the head of the nail was was the impact point. If you do get hurt as I'm sure somebody will manage it I am not to be held responsible.

how do stun darts work

These can hurt people, and with minor modification, can stick in walls and people. Take some paper and cut it into a small rectangle.

how do stun darts work

Be careful not to cut too much off, just cut off enough to slide the straightened paper clip through until the folded part gets caught. Stun darts are easy to make. More by the author: I Made It!

They are made to be used with a PVC blowgun, but can be used in an air-gun. They only require paper, scissors, tape, a blowgun if you want to shoot it , and a paper clip or other wire clothes-hanger wire works well.

how do stun darts work

Then fold over the paper clip back towards the cone. Now go have fun.

Do not shoot at anybody EVER. I did say somebody WILL manage to get hurt, but its not my problem and i am not responsible. Did you make this project? Except that what you meant to say is that you managed to hurt someone and wasn't your problem until they got mad.

Stun Darts

Higgs Boson freeza36 Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. I was not too fond of that dart.

how do stun darts work

Reply Upvote. I made something like this by making a paper cone, then dropping a lead sinker in the tip and gluing it is place.

I like how you maintain the streamlined dart shape, but with a not-penetrating tip that still has a lot of punch. I'm back! Then, cut the paper cone's tip off.