Eisenhower 1956 convention speech

Read this Article. Convalescence was normal, but the fact of two such dangerous illnesses in nine months and the vigorous Democratic attacks on Nixon guaranteed that the health of the president would be a campaign issue.

United States presidential election of 1956

Despite partisanship in the campaign, on vital matters the parties stood together: Joseph William Martin Jr. John F. Much campaign oratory was devoted to such issues as inflation, price supports for farm crops, the Soil Bank Program, the influence of big business on government, federal aid to education, assignment of credit for the Social Security Act amendments , and ending the war in Korea see Korean War.

At the convention, held August 13—17 in Chicago , former president Harry S. Eisenhower Republican 457 35,581,003 Adlai E. On Oct.

eisenhower 1956 convention speech

December 31, 1969 Eisenhower 1956. Albert A. President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon accepted their nominations to be the 1956 Republican candidates for president and vice president. February 17, 1986 President Eisenhower Mr. Averell Harriman of New York.

Eisenhower and Nixon 1956 Acceptance Speeches

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The platform agreed with earlier Stevenson-Kefauver pleas for supplying or selling arms to Israel. Thank you for your feedback.

eisenhower 1956 convention speech

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eisenhower 1956 convention speech

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Nixon and Eisenhower's Nomination Acceptance Speeches 1956