Down syndrome woman on glee what happened

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Glee Fans: Did You Notice Sue Sylvester’s Baby Had A Little Something “Extra?”

Video Salute Build. Still, after filming the Funeral episode, Jane Lynch, who plays Jean's sister on the show, reportedly said it was a difficult scene to shoot because of the high emotions.

Forgot password? Like Adelaide, Nan insists she is not a virgin when it is assumed by other characters. Glee Fans: Glee season five production was scheduled to begin soon and the premiere date is set for September 19.

Ultimately, though are three characters discussed here have problematic and debatable qualities, both in their personalities and in the way they are framed by their respective narratives, they offer unique portrayals of women with Down Syndrome.

Lauren Potter, AKA Becky From 'Glee,' Got Engaged To Her Childhood Friend

I had a lot of fun filming it. Enter your email address and be the first to know when a new post is published. Did you watch Glee tonight? However, for Becky, her relationship with Sue results in the loss of her own personhood. February 26, 2019. Show all 56 episodes.

down syndrome woman on glee what happened

The only death occurring during the show's first four seasons was felt most heavily by a minor character, Sue Sylvester, the high schoo's slightly mean-spirited but well-intentioned cheerleading coach. She says she has sex all the time and men find her hot, however because the show never gives any background on who Nan was before she came to the school as is given for all other characters , it is not clear whether this is true.

Her Down Syndrome alone is meant to produce discomfort in the viewer, manipulating them into wondering if she is evil or will, even unthinkingly, harm the family, for no other reason than that she is so othered.

down syndrome woman on glee what happened

My days go really well. Hopefully they are seen as steps in the right direction.

down syndrome woman on glee what happened