25 stars who are broke and homeless

25 famous people you wouldn’t believe used to be homeless

We take a look at how and why some of the most famous people in the world were homeless before their fame. Arnold Schwarzenegger had little more than dreams when he moved from Graz, Austria, to live in the US. Thompson's ashes out of a cannon. Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova grew up in the poverty stricken city of Gorky, where she sold fruit on the street as a teenager in order to help her desperately poor family.

25 stars who are broke and homeless

Getty Images Pascal Le Segretain. Getty Images Rich Fury.

25 stars who are broke and homeless

Frugality 40 Frugal Celebrities. But we had this factory called Polly Slenders where my mother could go and get flawed dresses, so we were dressed like the Kennedys.

16 Celebrities Who’ve Gone Broke

Coming from a family of famous actors did not sit well with John. Part of his trouble came from following the advice of a shady anti-tax advocate, but another part was lavish spending. In Feb. That's how I started learning about clothes. From lawsuits and tax evasion to unwise spending and lavish living, it happens time and again.

Once Rich Celebs Who Are Now Literally Scraping By

He managed to scrape up enough funds through his first business, bricklaying enterprise Pumping Bricks, to finance his bodybuilding career and ended up not just as a wealthy businessman, but a movie star - and, eventually, the Governor of California as well. But we all know how his story panned out: Wasted it on a family compound The kid brother of a Backstreet Boy, Aaron Carter was a pop star by the time he was seven years old.

25 stars who are broke and homeless

Colonel Sanders Entrepreneur Colonel Sanders was homeless for the majority of his life while he built what has today become the KFC empire. His lavish lifestyle included mansions and cars and, of course, jewelry. After a series of bad investments, however, the first woman ever to get her own Nike shoe was so broke she had to sell her Olympic medals to pay an IRS debt.

Demi Moore spent much of her childhood years living in a trailer park with an abusive father.