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All drawings and diagrams should also be shown separately, and tables of values prepared in accordance with our normal setting convention-see any issue. Echoes were received on 432 MHz but not on 222 MHz. G3XTX J. This sounds a little like the old, old story from the old soldier; the more so as the local Rediffusion coaxial cable for the "pipe TV" system runs under the eaves!

To measure a length of feeder line, take a section of the line which is short in relation to the frequencysay, 10 feet in the race of an 80m. Over the holiday period there was occasion to use dipoles needing even less space, and two are shown here. Trio TL -91l linear amplifier Creed 75R teleprinter... The Scarborough Secretary was so taken with the details of the Club activity at the recent "Fair of the Century" in which they made a very good showing that he quite forgot to tell us the details of the venue or the dates!

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A point of interest is to the diamond shape. Two Metres Once again, there has been a good deal of Sporadic E propagation this past month and the writer is more than ever convinced that this phenomenon is more common on 2m.

Saves you advertising costa and assures you of good price. How to get a Quad built and airborne with the least trouble gave the writer food for thought. Otherwise, it is simply a matter of "finding resonance" on Rl, and the operation of the test meter is as that of a GDO when checking a tuned circuit. Two bands 28. The oscillator -mixer was to the rear and in -line construction followed with the amplifier valve next and the tuning coil and capacitor to the front.