What makes news in the world today

High-fiber diet can increase your lifespan.

what makes news in the world today

Experts say these will be the best cards for 2019. Special Features.

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It is time to prove it is serious about phasing out use of fossil fuels worldwide. The World Court on Monday told Britain to give up control over the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean, and said it had wrongfully forced the population to leave in the 1970s to make way for a U.

what makes news in the world today

Trump heads to Vietnam for N. Mark Hollis Lead singer of Talk Talk dies at age 64, reports say. Russian state TV shows map of potential US nuclear targets.

what makes news in the world today

Harry and Meghan wrap up Morocco visit 7: UK must stop investing in fossil fuels in developing countries Ban Ki-moon. New-look teams for 2019.

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Play Video. A deputy stood in the rain to salute a slain officer. Trade war truce extension offers hope for US-China deal: Despite sanctions, Russian tanker supplied fuel to North Korean ship-crew members.

what makes news in the world today

Now the nation's top court has stepped in to curb more retaliation. Saudi sisters fleeing to Aust stuck in HK 1: Almost 300 Turkish military arrested 5: Vatican treasurer guilty of child sex abuse.

Global Champions League: Trump's ex-fixer Cohen to offer new Russia details to U.

what makes news in the world today

Myanmar's toxic jade trade.