What is the plenty highway like


We pulled up to check our gear, grab a refreshment and buy a stubby holder stubby holders are a bit of a tradition for me. Camping at Jervois Station limits visitors to refreshments, but also offers a fuel station and camping fees apply. Power and water is available as well.

what is the plenty highway like

The Marshall River, which crosses the highway near Jervois, is a tributary of the Plenty River and runs into the dune country of the Northern Simpson Desert where it simply dries out in a series of salt lakes.

Adventure Pack. The remaining 178 km to Jervois Homestead is unsealed as is the rest of the track to Boulia.

what is the plenty highway like

Plenty Highway Region: Email Address. Stock and a vast array of birds were benefiting from the water being pumped from deep below. ExplorOz Team.

The Plenty Highway

The Tobermorey Homestead and Atitiere camping grounds both require payment, but also offer fuel facilities.

Alice Springs to Boulia via the Plenty Highway. The Burke River is a welcome sight after the dry and dusty conditions of the Plenty. Route Points. Adventure out there and check out Queensland's backyard! Michael Harvey. I got up at sunrise that morning and tried to get a couple of nice shots of the Rangeā€¦.

what is the plenty highway like

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But poor preparation will see you having trouble. Explorer David Lindsay believed he had discovered much-sought-after rubies in the Hale River in 1886.

How to get here. The crater is 170 metres in diameter, with the rim rising 10-17 metres above the crater floor. Come and see where the legend of the stockman started, where Qantas carved its name in the history annals and where our pastoral industry began. Located about 672km west of Boulia, the camping grounds offer travellers the chance to stock up on groceries and fuel.

The Plenty Highway in a Roadstar Caravan

One of the most popular activities taking place in Harts Range is the racing meet, which has been held yearly since 1947, which has expanded to a three-day festival that is now called Harts Range Bush Sports Weekend.

Notify of. About 80km from Jervois Homestead the countryside changes as the spectacular Harts Range starts to fill the southern skyline.