What is pd 856 philippines


Building — preferably constructed of strong and curable materials. Requirements for Special School a.

what is pd 856 philippines

Markets and Abattoirs. Nuisance and Offensive Rades and Occupations 1. Special Requirements a.

The Code on Sanitation of the Philippines

When such foods are to be stored for extended periods. Adequate number of trained persons and equipment for life- saving and rescue 4. Condominium — a building with multi-unit residential suites. Massage Clinic 1. Maintained clean and sanitary at all times 3.

On Markets 1. Sanitary Bath Establishment 1. For halls and night clubs 1. Every change in occupation and management of the establishment vi.

what is pd 856 philippines

Consumption of fish caught using explosives and chemicals is prohibited. Treated effluent may be discharged into stream or body of water if it conforms to quality standards of National Water and Air Pollution Control Commission. Shall consist of earthen pit. Scope of Supervision of the Department a. Prescribe illumination standard values and order their review at regular intervals to alter or amend when indicated g. Nuisance and Offensive Rades and Occupations.

what is pd 856 philippines

No food establishment without securing a permit from local health office b. Accessibility of adequate drainage facilities 4. Managers and Operators a.