What does pigeon hole a bill meaney

Casting Quotes I love casting against type and doing things you wouldn't expect, because I think you get more interesting performances that way.

Meaning of "pigeonhole" in the English dictionary

People like to pigeonhole you - it's a shortcut, I guess, but once they do, you're stuck with it. People are demanding so much of me. See also...

what does pigeon hole a bill meaney

And let's face it, if someone cheats, there are usually more problems in the marriage than the... I don't like to pigeonhole myself to anything.

what does pigeon hole a bill meaney

Those plays turned into points for us. Discover all that is hidden in the words on. You don't want to pigeonhole yourself.

Pigeonhole Quotes

Artificial Quotes As much as Wall Street and Madison Avenue and Capitol Hill try to pigeonhole women into categories, women are erasing those artificial boundaries. I don't have one specific dream role: Man Quotes People pigeonhole me - I'm known for raising more money than any man alive. Absurd Quotes We want to pigeonhole things and people, but it is absurd to regard me just as a furry wig-and-britches actor. Everything is fear based, so they pigeonhole people.

I don't care if people pigeonhole me. I know I'm very hard to pigeonhole. I'm an actor, so I want to play everything. God seems to be an unwilling participant in our efforts to pigeonhole Him.

Pigeonhole Quotations

I personally am not interested in people trying to pigeonhole me. Women writers of all people should know better than to pigeonhole women, put them in little groups, the smart one, the sweet one. Essence Quotes I never pigeonhole myself into any religion, but I feel it has found me.

what does pigeon hole a bill meaney