What are notched dog tags for

What are silencers for? Chapter 7 Identification Tags. Dog tags were provided to Chinese soldiers as early as the mid-19th century. Dear Reader, Snopes.

Dog Tag Notch

The tags are issued in pairs because upon death of the wearer one tag needs to be retrieved from the body and sent to Mortuary Affairs along with intelligence about where the body is, and one must be left with the remains for identification purposes. Extra ball chains are not included and are sold separately.

what are notched dog tags for

If you have an original dog tag, you can send it to us and we will figure out the spacing. If you want to order one of these colors, click on the images shown below to visit those respective order pages: Of course, the real story behind the notch is far less gruesome. As Ian T.

what are notched dog tags for

Recreations of personal historical dogtags from specific war eras make sentimental souvenir mementos to honor the memory of a loved one. He told us that when a soldier died in combat, the notch was used to hold his jaw open at his teeth.

The History of Dog Tags – How Old Do You Think The Idea Is…?!

By 1913, identification tags were made mandatory by the military. Tetanus inoculation is no longer indicated. The only difference in the tags of yesteryear, is they came with a notch in the end of them, which is the source of one of the most popular dog tag rumors around. His famous book On War is our bible and he is a god among military strategists. Between 1862 and 1913, while the military considered a number of options for identifying soldier remains on the battlefield, individual soldiers continued to utilize makeshift identification methods.

Sometimes, Shiny Stainless Steel is used.

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First the dog tag was inserted into the imprinting machine. What Goes on a Dog tag?

what are notched dog tags for

Identification Tags U. You may also be interested in our other historical Vietnam war era dogtag reproductions from 1954-64 , 1965-67 , and 1967-69. The paint is not removed from the letters.

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If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please return it for new merchandise or a complete refund. What you get with White Text option.

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what are notched dog tags for

The dog tags went from the earlier eight digits with their prefix to the current nine-day digit Social Security number. It also sends personnel to the scenes of disasters where American servicepeople are known to number among the dead. The tags are primarily used for the identification of dead and wounded soldiers, and to convey essential basic medical information, such as blood type and history of inoculations, along with religious preference.