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Meanwhile, Knockout was stopped by Optimus, who rescued Vince before requiring some explanations later on. Bumblebee approved the Dinobot's new disguise for use on missions as they were going home.

At the scrapyard, Bumblebee announces they will be back out on patrol in fifteen minutes which prompted Denny to advise him to let himself and his team to take a break. The Transformers crossover comic.

tfp what bumblebee really say something

He also tells Bumblebee he will prevail before vanishing. They proved unable to capture him in a second attempt after Bumblebee was forced to surrender to Saberhorn when Russell was used as a hostage by Saberhorn and Bee nearly ended up being melted down.

Bumblebee was surprised to see Optimus alive but questioned if it was true.

tfp what bumblebee really say something

As he entered his mind, Bumblebee encountered Megatron as he attacked and defeated an illusion of Optimus Prime. Bee returned to his normal and mature state, although he had no memory of his escapades and was informed by his team that Strongarm filled in for him, which he appreciated her for that. Ratchet opted to have Bumblebee remain at base while he and the others went for the signal.

During the Great War , Bumblebee was much smaller than the other Autobots.

tfp what bumblebee really say something

However, Bumblebee soon realized he was immune to his attacks as the commander struck him several times, only for Bumblebee to continue to phase through. Although the Stunticons got away, the team secured the weapons and Sideswipe complimented Bumblebee's leadership which they share a new style of handshake with each other. Though Bee was knocked out cold after being controlled by Buzzstrike, he managed to prevent the bomb from doing any major damage. Though the probe was destroyed, Ratchet sent coordinates of his location and the Autobots stormed the Nemesis.

Bumblebee finally talked Bulkhead into taking him along on on a mission to find another artifact, only for his lack of a T-cog to become a liability as he tried to chase Knock Out. Bumblebbe was equipped with a new gun and a forcefield, while Arcee had a laser device.

Bumblebee ordered Strongarm to take Sideswipe to the station while he investigates at the Cybertron History Museum. During a scout for Energon, Cliffjumper was placed in a difficult battle and taken to the Decepticon warship. When Optimus gave the trio the choice of whether to accompany him and Megatron to Earth's core, Bumblebee opted to go for Raf's sake. Bumblebee arrived at the battle and had to be restrained from attacking Megatron so he and Arcee could take Raf back to base.

They quickly located Bulkhead and Miko, also moving through the ship, but after it became obvious that the humans were in too much danger as they fought their way through the ship, the Autobots cleared out a room for them to hide out in. Though meeting up with him, he and Raf could not persuade him on joining them to look for the Harbinger for a base of operations. Bumblebee objected to the notion by putting his hands up as the Autobots soon detected another signal.

tfp what bumblebee really say something

Optimus saved Denny Clay in the process. But best of all, for our purposes, was when the five Simpsons drove into the living room as familiar vehicles, then transformed into robo-Simpsons.

As the team entered inside, Bumblebee tried to explain the concept of cowboys as they walked passed an exhibit about cowboys, which nobody understood and walked on.

tfp what bumblebee really say something

Eventually a first encounter with Malodor and his gang led to the Autobots to be temporarily sprayed and left Grimlock to be taken hostage by the Skunkticons.