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Family child care in the United States.

staff uiuc resource howes

Comment sections where respondents could write in additional information were analyzed for themes that supported the corresponding quantitative responses.

Future research is needed to build on the findings reported here to further examine the roles of agency specialists who support FCC providers across state and policy contexts.

Minister of Industry: Differences between groups: Yet, the expansion of quality improvement systems and programs that include FCC providers has resulted in jobs that require skilled and trained professionals who know how to engage FCC providers in quality improvement initiatives.

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Child - care quality rating and improvement systems in five pioneer states: Researchers find that FCC and FFN providers may be most likely to participate in ongoing professional development offerings that are specifically designed for home-based child care and are relevant to the specific needs of participating providers.

Support and quality improvement in family child care A small body of research identifies professional support, among other variables, as a significant predictor of quality in FCC Kontos et al. Blaxland, M. Few studies have examined the types of trainings or professional development that would be most useful for agency staffs who work with FCC providers.

staff uiuc resource howes

Wave 1 report. Chicago, IL: Several studies have also found that low-income children are more likely to receive lower quality care in FCC homes than higher-income children Helburn et al.

staff uiuc resource howes

The current study also offers preliminary new information about the relationship between education, work experience, and needs for training among specialists working with FCC. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at http: McCabe, L.

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Moreover, the lack of FCC experience and knowledge that many specialists report bringing to their work with providers points to the need for professional development systems that articulate career pathways for FCC providers to move into consultation and technical assistance roles. Results from the general social survey; Catalogue no. Below is a summary of findings from research studies that describe the roles of early childhood agency staff and consultants who do not work directly with children and families.

Overall, specialists with more education regardless of whether they held ECE degrees, were more likely to report they needed additional training in areas specific to working with FCC providers such as home visiting and consultation,.

staff uiuc resource howes

In particular, studies in the U. CW assisted with data collection and statistical analyses.

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In illuminating the unique features of the work of FCC support specialists, this study has implications for quality improvement initiatives and professional development systems that seek to include FCC and other home-based child care providers. Family child care today: Also it depends if the provider calls me back after a period of time. Early childhood research and practice, 14 1.

staff uiuc resource howes

In the U.