Justin lynch middle of nowhere diner

Garcia's fajitas are the best fajitas you'll ever have in your life, and then you got Billy Bob's which is a great place for country two-steppin.

justin lynch middle of nowhere diner

I mean, Blake Shelton has ladybugs. I think that's what keeps it exciting. I'm an optimist.

Dustin Lynch - American Prayer (Lyric Video)

Those songs shape lives. It's good to have a counselor in the family! For the unrealistic version, I'd need a couple jets to visit a bunch of different cities in the same night.

Dustin Lynch Earns Third Consecutive No.1 with ‘Mind Reader’

I don't mind. That goes beyond someone I'm interested to date—just people I hang out with.

justin lynch middle of nowhere diner

What would constitute your hell of a night? It's time to show 'em who's boss. The verdict?

Dustin Lynch Kicks Off Summer With New Single ‘Good Girl’

Now he has to put up with that the rest of his life. You never know what's coming next. It's always about the unknown and the song that isn't written or recorded yet. I'd end up with a sunrise in the Bahamas.

You get off the stage, get in a cab, and eat a sundae this big.

Dustin Lynch Wants a ‘Good Girl’ In Latest Single

What's some necessities you look for in a girl aside from being a kind person? If I have a good time laughing with you, we're going to get along just fine. Joe T. Someone threw a beer can at you at a concert last year and you had to get stitches, right? Like why is there a grasshopper on my arm? It's cool that I get to sing that song when I'm onstage and it reminds me of them. What the hell was he thinking there? I love people that make me laugh and are goofballs and super laid-back.

It was, but it wasn't something I noticed or anyone around me noticed until it was in the song, and then it was, "You say this all the time! I'm tattoo-less. People that don't take themselves seriously.

justin lynch middle of nowhere diner

Realistically, it would be in Dallas because I have great friends who live here and there's awesome restaurants here. We'd have dinner at Joe T.