Julius genachowski leaving home

Eyder Peralta. Enlarge this image. All but two Republicans backed the measure, while only six Democrats did. In April 2010, a federal appeals court unceremoniously slapped down the agency's earlier attempt to impose Net neutrality penalties on Comcast after the company temporarily throttled some BitTorrent transfers, ruling Congress had given the agency no legal authority to do so.

julius genachowski leaving home

FCC chief to Congress: Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Genachowski, a former Obama 2008 campaign and transition team official, appears to be intent on fulfilling the president's promises made three years ago.

julius genachowski leaving home

The agency is in the process of drawing up an ambitious plan to make additional high-value airwaves, or spectrum, available for sale to mobile phone companies for use in wireless broadband Internet service. He has been chairman since June of 2009:. Consumer advocates have pushed particularly hard for net neutrality rules, which would guarantee that Internet service providers cannot give a faster channel through their pipes to their own content or products or those of a company that pays them for it.

Galaxy S10 Plus ongoing review: Genachowski oversaw the commission during a period of rapid change in technology, characterized by the explosion of smartphones and an increase in the speed of wireless and broadband Internet connections. The Internet has thrived over the last four years; technology and telecommunications is one sector of the economy that the recession that began in 2007 left unscathed. Julius Genachowski's resignation comes just a day after Commissioner Robert McDowell announced his plans to step down.

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FCC chief to Congress: Leave Net neutrality alone

The next chairman of the F. But his commission also approved the purchase of NBC Universal by Comcast, angering many consumer groups. Take a look at what's good and bad so far. Karen Kornbluh, a former Senate aide to Mr. Genachowski was not bold enough in his efforts. The Democratic chairman's remarks highlight how polarized--and partisan--the Washington debate over regulation of broadband providers' business practices has become.

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Open in the app. Obama will name Mignon Clyburn, the Democratic commissioner with the most seniority, as interim chairwoman. Security FCC chief to Congress: I used the Huawei Mate X and now I'm a foldable phone believer.

julius genachowski leaving home

Eyder Peralta Twitter. Leave Net neutrality alone Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

julius genachowski leaving home

Undoing the agency's Net neutrality rules will "increase uncertainty, decrease investment, and hurt job creation," FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will say, according to a draft of his prepared remarks. President Obama has not announced a replacement. Obama and an investor in technology and telecommunication start-ups before coming to the F.