How to take notes while reading literature

how to take notes while reading literature

Diction and syntax are closely related. These passages should leap off the page as they are read.

how to take notes while reading literature

Step two. I star points that I think are critical to the argument. The process of note-taking will, therefore, help you retain, analyse and ultimately remember and learn what you have read. To astute readers, the climax of the novel is actually foreshadowed in the very first sentence.

How to Take Notes From a Novel

In the guide, I include common abbreviations to speed up the note taking process, as well as a lot of tips and hacks. Our father said we were both right. Search SkillsYouNeed: The first thing I do when I pick up a book is read the preface, the table of contents, and the inside jacket.

how to take notes while reading literature

Use your margin notes and index cards to jumpstart your analysis and begin to put together your assignment or project in its final form. To expand your mind and way of thinking, you have to read broadly. Listen to our Podcast.

Note-Taking for Reading

In the next installment of the Better Note-Taking series, the focus will be on taking notes while listening to a speaker. Check out some of these for additional strategies:.

They are the messages the author wants you, the reader, to take away. If a particular sentence or quotation appeals to you or seems to encapsulate the essence of a point made by the author or highlights the subject you are studying, transcribe it completely inside quotation marks.

I circle words I need to look up. Something sounds off, right? A dictionary Pretty self-explanatory.