How to make pataka from bullet movie

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how to make pataka from bullet movie

My upswept broke from the point where the bottle starts. There have also not been any effects on the engine as well. I first finalized the Monster Exhaust.

how to make pataka from bullet movie

Based on his recommendation, I installed the Indori Silencer. Engine feels smoother now. I mean with no glass wool?! Attached Thumbnails. Jan 2013 Location: While looking at the ignition points, a VERY LIGHT coat of a high temperature grease on the points cam lobe will prevent wear of the fiber rub block that rides on the cam.

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Remember Me? The consignment reached as promised. A very special thanks to Saurabh Katar who stood by me like the rock of Gibraltar. Is that really RE manufactured one? After installing it, I always felt there was something missing. I mean with no glass wool? Pune Posts: After burning my fingers once, I was clear this time to go for an exhaust which gave me a soul thumping bass and nothing less!!!

All about Exhausts / Mufflers / Silencers for RE Bullets

The first thing I would do would be to replace the spark plug with a new one. LinkBack URL. Dec 2011 Location: Gangtok, Sikkim Posts: However, after crossing the 60 kmph mark 4th to 5th gear , the treble used to simply taper out, and get back to its conventional UCE sound.

Nov 2009 Location: Keeping my fingers crossed. With regards to the Indore Silencer, the main issue is to come across a genuine one.

how to make pataka from bullet movie

Last edited by moralfibre: I would also check to make sure the high voltage lead to the spark plug was firmly attached to the spark plug cap and to the ignition coil. A long ride is planned in mid Jan.

I haven't had a chance to test it on a long ride yet but the results so far are pleasing.

how to make pataka from bullet movie