How to fry cutlets without egg

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how to fry cutlets without egg

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how to fry cutlets without egg

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how to fry cutlets without egg

Measure plain dry breadcrumbs into a third. Scoop breadcrumbs from around the sides of the bowl up and onto the chicken.

Use your hands to press down on the breadcrumbs to help them adhere. Transfer chicken with plastic to another surface.

Egg Substitutes for Breading

Place chicken on a large plate. Account Account. Next, place chicken in crumb mixture, turning to coat both sides and pressing lightly to make crumbs stick. Then eat!

Breaded Chicken Cutlets without Eggs Recipes

Posts in this topic: Or use the cutlets as the basis for another dish, like Chicken Parmesan. More Topics: Flip and repeat. We made French fries, fried chicken, and caramel sauce, evaluating four thermometers for accuracy, functionality, and durability.

how to fry cutlets without egg

All opinions are those of The Cookful editorial team. Repeat this cooking step with the other two breasts.