Drangleic castle elevator stuck what to do

The only issue I had with the elevator was it not letting me go back down. There is also the area with the 3 archers near where you open the shortcut but that seems to be a dead end. If it's not then I have no idea what to tell you. I beat the Dual Dragonriders but now I'm just in a loop at the next bonfire.

Stuck in Drangelic Castle [Spoilers]

I saw there was like a bowl or some kind of cauldron beneath the golem but it didn't do anything. Store Page. Then went and took it up again just to see and it worked just fine to go back down.

drangleic castle elevator stuck what to do

I swear that elevator is haunted. As I saw from palythorughs the soldiers statues should become alive and after you kill them near the golem the golem activates the elevator. Just kill one near the golem so it does its thing and homeward bone it back to the bonfire. Coffee1942 Coffee1942 Topic Creator 3 years ago 4 Wait this stuff is powered by souls? Wait this stuff is powered by souls? Stuck at Elevator in Drangleic Castle - the statues near the golem do not wake up..!?

Thanks solved. They don't even mention re-fighting the chariot horse. That should activate the lift back down at the start although you can't go straight back.

You know where you fight the headless manikin warriors? The lift should be there for you to use back in the lever room then. Myrddin Sorcerer You too.... Kill one and their souls will activate him.

drangleic castle elevator stuck what to do

Other day I got summoned to help with the Mirror Knight, walked through that room, glitched through the floor next to the elevator and died. I went up the ladder, cleared out the hostiles in that large room with the two chests and all those archers, went outside.

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drangleic castle elevator stuck what to do

In case you haven't fixed it: In the room with the stone soldiers, you need to kill one near the golem that activates an elevator near the lever. Ohhhhh what?