Doctor who wallpapers tardis exploding vincent

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doctor who wallpapers tardis exploding vincent

Combine the light yellow paint with a bit of red and brown to create a slightly darker, more orange colour. I really hope you liked this instructable, found it useful and maybe will give it a shot yourself: I've recreated the steps of the process to make it a bit clearer. Two examples of highlights are marked in the picture.

Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Wallpapers

If this is the case, just put on another layer in a slightly lighter colour. Honus 4 years ago on Introduction. In this episode Vincent van Gogh is seen painting on a canvas that eventually ends up with the doctor, since the painting shows the Tardis exploding and parts of Tardis flying around. Practise makes a definite difference here, I started on the right side of the painting and worked to the left. Bands-are-life 3 years ago.

doctor who wallpapers tardis exploding vincent

Second layers won't be necessary for this step, if the dark blue doesn't completely cover the canvas there will be lighter blue visible, something perfectly acceptable in space. Don't use too much paint, it's just a small addition to your Tardis.

doctor who wallpapers tardis exploding vincent

For this step, it's quite important all paint around the to be painted area to be completely dry. And then you just have to find a place to put your very own piece of art!

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doctor who wallpapers tardis exploding vincent

Since the Tardis is exploding, you might also want to think about bits of Tardis shrapnel. Since the parts of the windows still aren't coloured by any paint yet, this step is really easy.

The Pandorica Opens Painting

As you can see in the picture, the dark paint is still visible a bit, but not very clearly. The reason behind these highlights is that the explosion causes a lot of light that gets reflected by the panels.

doctor who wallpapers tardis exploding vincent

Try to shape these overlapping parts a bit like the outlines of a cartoon explosion. They don't have to be perfect, as long as you look at it and nothing looks weirdly positioned, it's just fine. To make this painting, you will need: