Afs 400mm is how many inches

afs 400mm is how many inches

Table of Contents. I have used the 400's and the 200-400 for 4-5 years in practical naturephotography: It would be interesting to see some comparisons. Nikon D500.

Long Nikon Primes... Fancy a 400mm F4 AFS VR?

Canon user needs 500, 5. Copyright 2008 - 2018 Kruger-2-Kalahari. It weighs 15 lbs, about twice as heavy as the current lens. Lance B. Bmark's gear list. Got it mainly for wildlife photography and it has worked great.

afs 400mm is how many inches

Nikon refused to admit there were problems until China banned the D600! I would like to see improved focusing, a better tripod mount, and VRII without too much of a price hike. I am glad to see this post. Jenny is now using the Tamron 150-600mm lens and I received my Sigma 150-600mm Sport lens on the 29th October 2014.

Don't hesitate...

afs 400mm is how many inches

I guess it would find a niche with wildlife shooters who need a compact but long lens, but I can't imagine Nikon making such a lens. Includes Free Total Value: I kept the 400 VR and the 200-400... Both a Nano Crystal Coat and a Super Integrated Coating have been applied to individual elements to suppress internal reflections, flare, and ghosting for improved contrast and color accuracy when working in strong lighting conditions.

The paint seemed smoother than the VR's, but nothing beats the tough crinkle finish on the v.

Nikon 80-400mm Review

Rear tilt with autofocus on the sensor, perhaps? Cheers, -- Tom http: VR, 2. Marianne, that moon pix looks is impressive!!