When i grow up barney wiki queen

Barney shows Shawn and his friends all sorts of different, exciting careers. Coincidentally, a thunderstorm begins after they finish singing. The Queen of Make-Believe.

The Queen of Make-Believe

No matter what you call it, the magic of imagination can make every day more special! A thunderstorm at the school leads the kids to talk about things that scare them. Luci introduces her blind-friend Patty to Barney and the other kids.

when i grow up barney wiki queen

Carnival Of Numbers , Number Limbo. Barney informs the children that it is 'Four Seasons Day': The clues throughout the map have the kids search for different colors and shapes on the playground and in the classroom.

When I Grow Up (song)

So, Barney brings them to a make-believe farm, where his friend Farmer Henderson brings his own farm animals. Throughout the day of fun exercise routines and games, Barney shows Tina that she can do lots of exercises by herself. The kids imagine one last time, pretending the playground platform is a rocket ship.

Season 1.

when i grow up barney wiki queen

Barney takes his friends around the world to meet some of his friends and hear the country's music. Contents [ show ].

A World of Music

The season began production in October 1991 and finished in April 1992. Episode Guide.

when i grow up barney wiki queen

Barney explains to them that they can explore their very own neighborhood. The Marching Song. When Michael finds some boxes, Min comes up with trying to build a robot.