What does august from wonder have

what does august from wonder have

Auggie quits talking to Jack and tries to dismiss Summer from pretending to be his friend, but she doesn't let him. Another way to think about this is that Auggie is going to have to stop hiding. He apologizes, and decides to enroll in a new school for sixth grade for a fresh start.

August Pullman

August is also very smart, and knows a lot about science and outer space. Surgery can also address hearing and vision problems. Jack Will, Julian, and Charlotte. Palacio's novel — and the new movie based on it — tells the story of a young boy, Auggie Pullman played by Jacob Tremblay , who has noticeable facial differences, as he enters mainstream school for the first time.

Character Clues. Tushman Mr. In short, Auggie needs to improve his hairstyle, eye contact, and audible speaking if he's going to navigate middle school with any success.

Wonder Auggie's Condition: Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS)

Browne Mrs. But these abnormalities can have effects that go beyond appearance. And he is indeed so quiet that the first kids he meets at his new school ask him if he can talk. Start a Wiki.


The Movie. Treacher Collins Syndrome affects the development of bones and other facial tissues. Auggie adapts pretty quickly to being seen and heard on a regular basis. Character IDs.

what does august from wonder have

Even in the middle of summer, though it was so hot my face would sweat" 1. TCS cannot be cured, but certain treatments may address its symptoms.

what does august from wonder have

In a 2012 interview for a blog called Random Acts of Reading, Palacio explained, "I spent a few weeks researching genetics—specifically facial anomalies in children. Auggie is ecstatic when he finds out Julian isn't going on the fifth grade nature retreat; Auggie has a blast at camp. But to be accepted by anyone at all, Auggie is going to have to meet them first.