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5 Issues Your Company's Telecommuting Policy Should Address

The times and temporalities of home-based telework. Article Information. Kowalski and Swanson 2005 further note that the areas that need to be considered in the success of virtual working arrangements include: Conner 2003 highlights that virtual workers do not have immediate colleagues against whom they can compare their productivity which hampers benchmarking or comparison of performance and progress.

Teleworking in South Africa: The price is right. Discuss concerns about accommodation-related telework requests with your HR consultant or the Disability Services Office. The security and confidentiality of University records must also be maintained. In this regard, Kepczyk 1999 states that quieter, more focused work environments with fewer interruptions, the freedom to work in comfort and the absence of office politics are often translated into increased employee productivity.

The telework agreement should require that the employee immediately report any damage to University equipment.

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Various authors cf. Road traffic report. Employees are responsible for addressing and resolving any questions about their ability to deduct expenses related to telework. Gibson, V. If question exists about the potential effectiveness of the arrangement, a supervisor may consider allowing the employee to telework on a pilot basis.

Motivation for the study: This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This can help adjust teleworking policies as these evolve. How can we help you?

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Certainly, the office receptionist cannot work remotely, and people that need to have regular contact with other employees, such as HR, also will fall into that category. Allert, 2001; Curseu et al. Mixed findings were reported in terms of the perceived benefits of being employed as teleworkers, such as an increase in time spent with family and a decrease in the amount of sick days taken.

Get started today. Lim and Teo 2000 and Horwitz et al. Panteli and Duncan 2004, p. Flexible work practices and the LIS sector: Consider reviewing the effectiveness of telework arrangements during the performance evaluation process.