Vincentians congregation in nigeria how can slum

The initiative also results from the spiritual and material fruit of this Jubilee Year, which could not help but focus on those who do not have a roof over their heads.

Symposium marks launch of Global Homeless Initiative

On many occasions he expressed his highest esteem for the glory of the priesthood on earth as participating in the priesthood of Christ. Greetings of love and peace from Enugu. The launching of the Daughters into the city slums and the remote countryside was a stroke of genius, and also an act of faith in their spiritual calibre.

The second decade of the 17th century was also crucial for the young Vincent for other reasons. At this time, calculations indicate some 65 million refugees internationally, the highest number ever recorded.

About the congregation

What a blessing! So at the Soissons retreat he prayed insistently that he might be free of this too natural attraction, and of the haste which beset him.

vincentians congregation in nigeria how can slum

The true greatness of the Vincentian priesthood is not separateness or superiority but a tent-pitching among humankind, a presence and brotherhood with people as they are. This is our obsession and peace.

vincentians congregation in nigeria how can slum

But now we deem it better that prospective candidates should apply online to enable us process admission faster and for more publicity. Vincent de Paul, for all his far-reaching labours and love for the clergy, was the exact opposite of a clerical exclusivist.

There are 863 million men, women, and children living in hovels and favelas worldwide. It is not my intention here to narrate in detail the wonderful projects on behalf of seminaries and the priestly life and ministry, though I am keeping these in mind.

This little company founded in 25th January 1617 is humble company of Fathers and Brothers living out a common charism in a community.

vincentians congregation in nigeria how can slum

The primary apostolate of the Vincentians working with and for the poor and this is made manifest in three major areas of ministry, namely: The Council of Trent did not set out to present a complete doctrine of the Catholic conception of priesthood and priestly ministry.

As a good directee he poured out his heart to the prudent professor, who listened carefully and responded positively to his aspirations. Only a crackpot or a saint would try such a thing, and the reckoning of our modern mentality would probablly rightly consign such a one to the former category.

vincentians congregation in nigeria how can slum

Valid application should at least contain the following information: From all we have been saying it is clear that our Founder was not cramped by the prevailing concepts of priesthood.