Top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

There's a tremendous energy throughout okay, perhaps a couple of episodes could have been snipped but its change of locale and story twists are more than enough to make this a hugely pleasing outing.

top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

Later stories featuring them lack the shock of the new which they have here. A tad predictable at points, but the final cliffhanger — revealing 'our' Amy to be a Ganger double — saves it. Every step of the way. Hardly series two's crowning achievement, this story set around Queen Elizabeth II's coronation is pretty insubstantial.

top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

Parallel world stories always offer up some fun character beats — and this Cybermen two-parter does wonders for Noel Clarke's Mickey. Tom Baker. The relationship with Rose showed a few chinks in this emotional armour, but now we had the full-blown thing, albeit with a Doctor temporarily turned human. You might think I'm cheating with this one, but this is a bona fide Doctor Who story from the BBC and even broadcast on television.

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Only for it to end in heartbreaking fashion: And finale episode 'The Wedding of River Song' grows rather convoluted in Steven Moffat's attempts to unravel the complex web he's entangled his characters in. Or should that be "the Whoeuvre"?

top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

David Tennant. Meanwhile Rose gets entangled in the ropes of a barrage balloon and drifts across London before being saved by a former Time Agent calling himself Captain Jack Harkness.

top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

A last-minute replacement for a scrapped episode by Paul Abbott... But 'The Unquiet Dead' remains one of Mark Gatiss' best; 'Dalek' is a terrific reintroduction for the tyrannical pepperpots; Steven Moffat's gas-mask zombie two-parter is chilling and brilliant; and the series ender is enormous fun. Design-wise, it's a triumph with a beautiful ship, super brain-bulging aliens and a haunting score from Paddy Kingsland.

Wanting to focus on the "other" people affected by The Doctor's life is admirable and, indeed, here is utterly fantastic.

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The Tritovore made for an interesting and friendly alien but it was the unnamed nasty flying stingray-like creatures that devoured planets and created their own wormholes who chomped through the romp most threateningly. Cannily using a night-time setting to add a layer of eeriness, the simple image of a boy in a gas mask asking a repeated question leads to a generally scary couple of episodes. We get those answers in a tense, slow-burning episode that follows the Doctor and Rose Tyler a wonderfully empathetic Billie Piper following a distress call to an underground bunker in Utah.

It was here that 'new' Doctor Who went from being a sizeable hit to a fully-fledged phenomenon, with David Tennant's charm-offensive Doctor taking the series to dizzying new heights of popularity. It Takes You Away.

top 10 doctor who episodes every witch

For its time, and even re-watching now, Mawdryn Undead is an extremely pacey piece which darts between two time zones in the most pleasing, and modern, of fashions. Fun fact According to Moffat, The Sun newspaper threatened to publish a leaked copy of the script to Silence in the Library.