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Cases of disobedience are rare. The reliance on Armenians was a strategy designed by Peter the Great who saw them as element for his advancement against the Persian and Ottoman States. We live in a time when the world is changing and we cannot afford to be conined by pre-existing models.

Bar-Tal, pp. No one remembers anything similar to what we witnessed in the Armenian-Tatar massacres. The reason of the con- tinuation of the Armenian-Muslim clashes was illiteracy and backwardness of our compatriots, and the lack of arms as well.

One State alone cannot make mutual trade easier. Collectively held narratives — unquestioned truths or constructed past? One and a half decades af- ter the end of the USSR, it is time for a decisive move to resolve the situation. Ltd 16, James Street, Haymarket, November, 1905 , pp. History And Global Dimensions. For text, see Malcolm D.

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Series A 1928 No. Now it is hard to be- lieve that these peoples massacre each other following a dark and evil power instigating them. Some highlights include a convenient auto complete function, word tips, an in-line Thesaurus and instant reverse-translation.

Observers nearly always blamed Muslims for the violence. LingvoSoft All rights reserved.

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Moving forward The current stalemate in the Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations has led many involved to em- phasize the need for a process to bring together the divided societies. In particular this has been the sad history of orange and green. This is the one point on which Tartars and Armenians agree. You may place our online dictionaries on your site for free! One option is to attempt settle the conlict through victory and defeat; the other is to attempt to settle it by agreement.

These stories were attrac- tive to the media, and newspapers paid much attention to those crimes, which created relevant opinion about the situation in Baky. The violence started immediately. To date, nothing has been repaid against these loans. Before the emergence of Armenian revolutionary activists, particularly the Dashnaks, Transcau- casia lived in peace and safety.

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Notwithstanding all the hardships, the consistent movement for independence by the Azer- baijani people culminated in the restoration of the international legal personality of Azerbai- jan, after an interval of more than 70 years, in 1991. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Volume I Sankt- Peterburg, 1904.