#ref error when opening excel 2010 file

Originally posted by Ger Plante View Post. There are 50 feeder files feeder1.

#ref error when opening excel 2010 file

B5 for a sum of rows. With a range reference, Excel can access the 'raw data' of the file to interrogate the relevant range. The source may contain no worksheets. A,'Staff Rewards Master. Undefined or non-rectangular name , some names cannot be resolved until you open the source workbook.

I can confirm the feeder. Create a new workbook. Cheers Ger. On right side, Click Trust Center Settings. If reading is too boring - close all open workbooks.

How to correct a #REF! error

Remove the space s in your sheet names, and see if the error still occurs. ME I am using the same type of directories as yours with non volatile functions and I have no problem office 2016. The link is working and is current.

#ref error when opening excel 2010 file

Try including a full path to the xlsx file e. So if feeder1. Suomi - Suomi. By using this site you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.


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#ref error when opening excel 2010 file

Peter C Peter C 1. Adjust the range to be larger, or reduce the column lookup value to match the reference range. Related 5. This was causing my links to show REF whenever I opened the source file while I had the linked file open. Then, modify the links to these sources. I do a 'save' and browse to the shared drive folder. Also, please post if this worked for you.

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