Oscars what are they thinking activities

Manchester by the Sea. Teaching Strategies to Instill Honesty A few teaching strategies to help your students learn to be more honest. Learning Objectives and Skills To enable students to practise their listening, speaking and reading skills, in the context of film trailers and synopses.

Should There Be an Oscars This Year?

Figure It Out activities. If La La Land dominates, as many suspect it will, the Oscars will seem more frivolous than ever, overlooking weightier cinematic efforts for a dreamy musical about show business in the opening months of the Trump presidency. Written by: Also, be sure to check out Teaching History With Film , Ten Ways to Teach the Oscars , and the Visual Literacy landing page for even more useful ideas for incorporating film into your lesson plans.

oscars what are they thinking activities

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Apprentice Experience

If possible, show the film in class and assign students the book or play it was based on. The Academy Awards have long existed uncomfortably alongside politics. Printer-friendly version.

oscars what are they thinking activities

Investigate a context to develop ideas for potential outcomes. Rainforest Environment Activity. This hard work will have many benefits and also some opportunity costs trade-offs.

Oscar Week Special: 7 Teaching Resources on Film Literacy

What makes a trailer? The last time the Academy Awards abutted a huge moment in current events were in 2003, when the 75th Academy Awards aired just days after the beginning of the Iraq War. Search this site: However, it might be difficult to get all our students to actually go and watch a particular film at the cinema and screening a full-length feature film in the classroom might not be the best use of classroom time and might face some copyright issues.

Baker wrote this article for MiddleWeb, offering teachers practical ideas for teaching visual literacy. There are, of course, downsides that come with that audience. A few teaching strategies to help your students learn to be more honest.

oscars what are they thinking activities

This range of resources for film and media studies covers genre, early cinema, censorship, studio systems, marketing and the Oscar-nominated film City of God. They can then pitch their storylines to the class, highlighting the message that the film is trying to convey.

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