How to unlock ivory lagiacrus weapons

That will help you stay up close and personal with the Alatreon, allowing you to keep delivering damage while avoiding its attacks. Just always go on the right side of I. Hunt a Pink Rathian and an Azure Rathalos. Hunt a Diablos and a Black Diablos. Lagia is very weak on Fire. You can use any weapon that you think that you are comfortable with as long as you have Fire Element on that weapon.

Hide behind the Rathalos and the Brachydios might punch him one. Answered Using Rampart to Fell Lagiacrus? Want to fight Deviljho again?

Just wait for it to go to its nest and sleep and just capture it. I have it User Info: Lagia weapon without upgrading until I had G rank I. Lagia needed for the weapons at which point you can upgrade to from Lagia weapons. Lagia and attack its behind legs. I'm sorry, but what everyone here fails to realize is this: Happy Hunting.

Neo Acrus Whitebolt

First up is an Ivory Lagiacrus. Since your using gunlance use dios gunlance i used it and full rath soul armor high rank it was a cake walk lol User Info: Hunt a Sand Barioth. Forgot your username or password?