How to unclog a basement drain pipe

Answered 7 years ago by davidjaybrown. Instead, use the alternatives below for the best ways to clear a clogged floor drain.

The Best Ways to Clear a Clogged Floor Drain

Now that I stopped laughing about the backed up bathtub tales - what a hoot! A less expensive possibility might be the drain pipe bracket s failed and the drain pipe shifted compromising the gradient for a downward flow into the sewer system.

how to unclog a basement drain pipe

It is a very traumatic experience for everyone, which is why you will need to do everything you can to keep your floor drain clear. If it is overflowing at the basement floor drain, then the blockage has to be downstream of that point, so that would be a good point to try snaking from.

How to Unclog a Basement Floor Drain

Do you have a downstairs toilet, garage floor drain, etc downflow from that floor drain. When you're sure the drain is clear of tree roots, clean the cable. To further clean your drain, pour a bucket of boiling water down and wait 15 minutes. Occasionally an overload causes a drain clog, which can result in water backup and even flooding.

how to unclog a basement drain pipe

A laundry sink, a bathroom sink, etc? Answered 7 years ago by Austin. This is a messy and expensive job compared to pipe stent or other trenchless type repairs Source: Follow up with a 32-ounce bottle of white vinegar.

How To Unclog a Drain

You can snake your own drain. Is anything else tied into the main drain at that point? Once the drain is clear, use hot water to wash away any debris remaining in the pipe.

how to unclog a basement drain pipe

However, if the drain clogs up , it can cause water to back up and flood everywhere. Simply call 1-800-768-6911 or book an appointment online to get a technician to your home in no time flat.

Basement Plumbing Maintenance Tips

IMHO, unless it's a minor hair clog in a sink, chemicals can do more damage than good. If you want to attempt clearing a clogged floor drain yourself, rent a power auger with 50 ft or more of cable and follow the instructions for use.

how to unclog a basement drain pipe

The whole yard, basement floor or whatever, would have to be dug to put in a new pipe. I'm amazed a plumber recommended the chemicals - could it be he didn't want to work? There is one type of drain clog that will not respond satisfactorily to a plunger or an auger. The water will help to wash out anything which is causing the blockage. Yes, a plumber suggesting chemicals is like a doctor suggesting witchcraft. Look inside the drain.

It could be as simple as a partial or complete blockage at the point past where the floor drain and the washer drain connect into the main waste line.

how to unclog a basement drain pipe

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