How to recover vintage saxophone case

Moreover, the costs and outcomes vary wildly.

how to recover vintage saxophone case

Attack of the Clones: Practice long notes and scales instead trolling on forums to defeat Pauls playing ; Best regards! And that varied from model to model.

Sax Case Made Of A Reclaimed Suitcase

Sometimes you can use small finishing nails to secure the inner pockets, etc. Any of the information in the ad is correct, Any of the sellers are honest, or Any of the prices listed represent the true value of the horn. Run - do not walk - away. We do try to help small repairs when we can and, of course, treat our past customers with VIP effort.

how to recover vintage saxophone case

Acquiring a vintage sax is another. A bigger problem is if you see any sign that the the neck has ever been bent at all, such as bulging or cracks in the lacquer.

how to recover vintage saxophone case

Terms of Use. Instead I used an old mattress topper.

how to recover vintage saxophone case

Researching, I've found another instructable: There we are, Chadd! What kind of glue would you use to refasten the leather? To some folks, relacquering a vintage horn diminishes its value, because it supposedly changes the tone of the horn. Evaluating Vintage Saxophones by Paul D.

Vintage Finishing Overhaul Saxophone With No Chemicals

From about 1980 on, all major saxophone brands have been largely copies of the Selmer Mark VI, the horn that Yamaha copied most closely. Not a problem unless the horn shows signs of damage.

I bought a new Gard case, which is great. There are variety of options in a WWS Restoration. Nearly all American, European, and even Japanese saxophones made before 1980 are more solid than the average saxophone coming out of China today.

The kind words from our clients:

On the other hand, if a vintage horn has brown pads, it has probably been repadded at some point in the past. All things being equal, the later Conn and Buescher horns are more desirable than the early ones.

how to recover vintage saxophone case

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