How to productively use facebook

6 Ways You Can Use Social Media To Be Productive

Sometimes you just don't feel like reading. We just need some moderation and few lifestyle shifts that will get us there. Feed your inner rockstar or jazz great on your break with Justin Guitar.

how to productively use facebook

Top Stories Submit About Grow your audience on medium. The following tips and related tools can help. I travel all the time and found social media incredibly useful while I was on the road.

I chat with dozens of friends on a given day and comment on their photos to feel closer to them.

8 Easy Ways to Use Facebook More Productively

Tweet out your question to a home improvement group and see how many answers you receive. If it inspires you, it can be a positive thing to help you move forward. Fringe moments. Explore more about: Thanks to jason for the inspiration.

When you need to use Facebook to get in contact with colleagues for something work-related, this app offers a simple and fast solution.

You should also do the same from your own account to inspire others in your life too! How to Invest in Startups: Do you want 7 days of ideas, insights, and information on how to craft your time in just 1 weekly email?

how to productively use facebook

Small opportunities of time. Since social media gives access to so many people across the globe, it is a great tool for networking. But this gives you the best of both worlds, sans unwanted distractions.

As any entrepreneur knows, checking social media on your phone depreciates your productivity. Buffer and HootSuite are two very popular tools with scheduling features that you can use for free. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Just enter your email to subscribe. What do you do to become more micro-productive instead of scroll social media?

how to productively use facebook

Connect like you did in the past. Want to be an entrepreneur?