How to no comply frontside 180 gif

Front Side 180 No Comply. Continue opening up and rotating with your body, pivoting around your planted foot. Start rotating your body.

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Your weight is center of the board. Last time I tried it, I slammed into the table and played it off like I was sitting there all along.

how to no comply frontside 180 gif

As you prepare to plant your foot, you want to turn your shoulders slightly forward and start to keep your eyes on your front foot. Please contact us!!

how to no comply frontside 180 gif

Front foot is on hardwares or bit back. This is the commitment stage of the trick!

No-Comply Skate Dump

Your weight should be in the center of the board. Roll away Bend your knees and compress a little to absorb the landing — then roll away clean!

how to no comply frontside 180 gif

I don't fucking know but it's fucking cool so o dig it. My shins look like there were beaten with train spikes for god sake.

Trick Tip: Front Side 180 No Comply

Your feet should be shoulder width apart, but on a board as long as the Legend, you can go a bit wider. Get low Drop your weight ready to pop. A Nollie No-Comply 360 Hardflip. As you are landing, place your planted foot on the tail.

How to 180 No Comply

Whichever you feel comfortable. Sweep As you stamp on the tail to get the front of the board up, kick the back of the board out and round to spin the tail away from you. No-Comply Skate Dump.

how to no comply frontside 180 gif

Aim to get your foot back on at the truck bolts, or at least very close to them. Use the toes of your back foot the one still on the board to keep the deck close and stop it flipping over or spinning too fast. With this dump I bring to you the No-Comply, one of my most favorite tricks due to the fact you can be insanely creative with them, as you'll see.

how to no comply frontside 180 gif

A very gnarly trick that I also again can't do. It can be confusing at first but it makes trick look much smoother and clean.

Backside 360 No-Comply into a Tail Slide. Embed Code hide post details.