How to make elastic cord bracelets

How to Make Beaded Stretch Bracelets

For seed bead bracelets,. Sign in or register for easy shopping. Some people use crimp beads, rather than knots, to secure the ends of the stretch cord. A length of stretch cord.

how to make elastic cord bracelets

You can also use plastic beads, including vintage Lucite beads, pony kanji beads, or designer acrylic beads from a bead store. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

How to Make Stretch Bracelets That Don't Break

If you make another bracelet using smaller or larger beads, you should check for fit again with those, because you may need the bracelet to be slightly shorter or longer. Awesome picture! Make sure that the last bead you string has a hole large enough to hide a knot in your beading cord. Hi there! Yes No. You can add an extra half knot on top of the surgeon's knot just in case.

Make a Stretch Bracelet

Follow these tips to make them last: Remove the bead stopper and the needle from the elastic cord, and then bring both ends together. Fashion trends come and go, but elastic bracelets remain popular because they are versatile and easy to wear.

Check the length occasionally by wrapping the strung beads around your wrist.

how to make elastic cord bracelets

After cutting the elastic cord, add a dab of glue to the knot. String Beads on the Elastic Cord. Read More. This will make it less likely that the knot will loosen when you are trimming them.

With the glue still tacky, hold the cord between two beads about an inch away from the knot, and tug gently to pull the knot inside of the adjacent bead.

how to make elastic cord bracelets

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