How to install novell netware operating system

Any volume or directory on the server can be specified as a shared point and made accessible via the Network Neighborhood. The next screen displays the server's file system configuration, as shown in Figure 3. To answer the question of which operating system platforms can function as a NetWare 6.

how to install novell netware operating system

With the CD inserted, click Power On to start the virtual machine, press Esc when it comes up, and select the option to boot from the CD. The next screen allows you to choose which NetWare 6 components to install.

A client is a computer that requests resources and services from a server. Enter the name of the domain or workgroup that the NetWare server will belong to. See All Related Store Items. It relies on DOS to boot the computer.

Installing Novell NetWare 6 into a Virtual Machine

Enter the path to the server volume or directory which will be the root of the sharepoint. Next, you are given the opportunity to specify the first set of a series of server settings. EXE is run. If you choose to add the server to an existing NDS tree, you are asked to log in to the tree and provide the context, username, and password for the user with Supervisor rights to the server container.

Press I, S, or B, as appropriate for your server configuration.

Installing Novell NetWare 5.1 into a Virtual Machine

If you want to install additional components, select them at this time. Also verify that the network board installed in your server was identified correctly.

how to install novell netware operating system

It is important to note here that we are not talking about NetWare servers, but server platforms that can interoperate with NetWare 6. Enter the number of connections that will be allowed to access the sharepoint.

how to install novell netware operating system

By default, IP is used as the transport protocol on NetWare 6 networks. Select if your Windows users will authenticate using a Microsoft Networking Domain. Support for Novell NetWare 6 as a guest operating system is experimental at this time.

Ensure your Administrator Workstation meets the prerequisites described in Administrator Workstation Prerequisites.

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