How many confederate and union states game

how many confederate and union states game

The Union led wheat production with 100 million bushels produced in comparison to 35 million bushels in the Confederacy and 20 million bushels in the Border States. In addition, the state of West Virginia essentially seceded from Virginia in 1863 and joined the Union. Add to playlist. Apr 30, 2015.

Confederate and Union States

Capitals The Caribbean: European civilizations of the Ancient World 21,590 plays. The Confederacy led tobacco production with 225 million pounds compared to 110 million pounds produced in the Border States and 50 million pounds produced in the Union.

how many confederate and union states game

Others also liked. Border states and states that still permitted slavery are to be included, so long as they did not secede.

Union and Confederate States

You Might Also Like... Game mode: Explore This Park. Countries Central America: Lakes North and Central America: Others included laborers, 9 percent; mechanics, 5. PurposeGames Create.

The Countries of Europe 1648 19,157 plays. After Bull Run, morale in the USA was extremely low, and there was an ever-present threat of a Confederate attack on Washington from the Confederate forces in nearby Virginia.

how many confederate and union states game

Total Points. Rivers The U. About About Us Help. Casualties The 642,427 total Union casualties have been divided accordingly: Can you pick the states that were part of the Union during the American Civil War and avoid those that seceded or that were not yet states?

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