How does bmw achieve 50/50 weight distribution

BMW M4 Convertible.

Is 50/50 weight distribution a Myth

Of course, it is possible to have too much rearward weight distribution which causes inefficient use of the tires and bad handling characteristics. Do not buy a sports car because it is touted to have a 50: Jun 2006 Location: That's only 12. The weight distribution of your vehicle is an important factor when it comes to handling. BMW uses a combination of lightweight components and axle positioning to create just the right weight distribution.

how does bmw achieve 50/50 weight distribution

So I can imagine why a sports car company would design a car that would oversteer when pushed. And the rear glass being mostly over the rear axle helps as well. BMW has something called active ballast and it shifts weight around the car. Another reason why we see entry level sports cars that have poor weight distributions is because they may be built off of a shared platform. Originally Posted by VeyronSuperSprt. BMW 5 Series Sedan. Shows what I know, I would've guessed the engine weighed half of the car.

The dynamic weight distribution would also depend on the suspension design than just the static axle load distribution. Weight difference is only 60 kg, but because it is entirely on the front axle it makes a big difference.

how does bmw achieve 50/50 weight distribution

The time now is 11: Phoenix iTrader: Much of this confusion centers around the marketing hype manufacturers use to sell their cars. Cali, Texas... Originally Posted by auger330 what is the average weight distribution ratio for a modern sedan?

Exchange Bonus gimmick. BMW has a reputation for creating optimum weight balance in their vehicles, so they are fun and easy to drive. Mark Forums Read.

50:50 Weight Distribution: Marketing gimmick or the real deal?

Originally Posted by Thunder Dump. There is a big diff handling, weight, power delivery off the line is sluggish in XI; while XI does not loose traction, the delivery is choppy and lacks smoothness. Oct 2010 Location: BMW has punched the [static] 50: Find More Posts by guerilla twang.

how does bmw achieve 50/50 weight distribution