How can an ocean affect climate

How the oceans influence climate The oceans influence climate over long and short time-scales.

How climate change relates to oceans

Skip to navigation Search Site only in current section. The ocean doesn't just store solar radiation; it also helps to distribute heat around the globe. They are a life-support system for Earth and a global commons that provide us with free goods and services, from the food we eat to the oxygen we breathe. For example, clouds can cool the sea by blocking the warming rays of the sun or reduce surface salinity by bringing rain. The ocean's waters are constantly being moved about by powerful currents.

Education: The Ocean's Influence on Climate

Ocean on-pagers: For example, water from the tropical and subtropical Atlantic including some from the Gulf of Mexico moves north through the Atlantic in a current popularly if misleadingly called the "Gulf Stream". Adopt a Whale Make a symbolic whale adoption to help save some of the world's most endangered animals from extinction and support WWF's conservation efforts.

When the earth's surface cools or is heated by the sun, the temperature change is greater - and faster - over the land than over the oceans. Take Action Join us to make change. Department of Commerce http: Distance from the sea Continentality The sea affects the climate of a place.

how can an ocean affect climate

Moor House student placement. This could occur if there is a flood of fresh-water run-off from the Arctic due to global warming.

how can an ocean affect climate

This also explains why "maritime" climates tend to be less extreme than "continental" ones, with smaller day-night and winter-summer differences. Major current systems typically flow clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere, in circular patterns that often trace the coastlines.

3.1 Factors affecting climate

As a result, when downward mixing takes place at high latitudes it creates a circulation pattern in which warm water from tropical and subtropical regions moves poleward, surrenders heat to the atmosphere, cools and sinks, and flows back towards the equator. Human influence The factors above affect the climate naturally.

how can an ocean affect climate

Illustration of major ocean currents throughout the globe. The oceans also regulate the global climate; they mediate temperature and drive the weather, determining rainfall, droughts, and floods. Clouds form when warm air from inland areas meets cool air from the sea.