He who hesitates is lunch eagles score

he who hesitates is lunch eagles score

Absolutely fabulous and makes it fully understandable why Gorilla trekking is described as the best wildlife experience in Africa. The staff planned activities all day long to fill up the downtime days so we were constantly entertained and the 3 weeks flew by. He helped me be much less intimidated by my camera.

Cultures and the Eagle Hunters of Mongolia with Sam Reinders

Thank you for an exceptional, inspiring holiday, ORYX. Everything was well planned and organized, the lodges were very pleasant, and the local guides were excellent. Other guests that had searched for days for the Tarsier were rewarded with an awesome photo op. I was the only one of us who had ballooned previously.

he who hesitates is lunch eagles score

They were glowing brightly right in front of the lodge. Kenya David Blumberg, Australia. This has not only made my photography better and more interesting I hope!

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Not that I would have minded at all, but she never once carried a camera while she was with us. Next morning we had a brilliant fiery dawn before being collected from the hide! You can rest assured that we will be recommending the ORYX team to all of our travel and nature photography friends. He enriched my personal experience to such an extent that I can quite honestly say this trip has been life changing….. Greg is an encyclopedia of knowledge and provided lots of interesting details and observations that made the trip so much more enjoyable; we really got at least two trips- a photographic one and a nature expedition.

he who hesitates is lunch eagles score

Your tips and suggestions to make the photography more interesting were enlightening. We really hope that we can do something similar in the future and would definitely be calling ORYX and Dale. Every aspect of a couple of weeks in Namibia was perfect.

That was our must see list. Would definitely travel with you again. A Mongolia photography tour can be for everyone.