En dashes in titles what words

en dashes in titles what words

The tea—and I rarely drink tea—was warm and delicious. What would be the proper standard format for an entity name like this consisting of a one-word abbreviation for the name of the primary organization modified by the two-word chapter name, which is the standard name of the geographic location of the chapter. On Mac computers: This sort of broken sentence is only found in representations of conversation, such as you might find in a novel; it is never appropriate in formal writing.

Learn to insert en-dash quickly in Microsoft Word. It can be used in pairs like parentheses to separate a word or phrase, or it can be used alone to separate one end of the sentence from the main sentence similar to the use of a colon. This is how it works around here.

The Grammar Factor – words we dislike, hyphens in titles, numbers

Remember that the same thing is true of bracketing commas , which set off weak interruptions. I noticed this word when I was in New Zealand last year and someone told me this meaning originated during the Christchurch earthquake.

Use an en dash to show a range of numbers. This rule applies whether or not a noun follows the number.

en dashes in titles what words

You will find this material in chapters 8—12. Some advice from Grammarly on safe texting.

En Dashes and Em Dashes

When using the hyphen, the en dash, or the em dash, put no space either before or after them. But it is very common and works just fine in my opinion.

en dashes in titles what words

I am working on a document with a lot of ranges and am replacing all the hyphens with en dashes and spaces! But I'm not surprised—they were always arguing. Your email address will not be published. When a dash falls between the end of one line and the beginning of the next, you should try to ensure that the dash is placed at the end of the first line and not at the beginning of the second, if you can.

For example: The instructions were on pages 20—22 in your textbook.

The en dash, em dash and hyphen (also ndash and mdash, n dash and m dash or n-dash and m-dash)

I worked there from 1999 — 2010. The hyphen is still the only sort of dash on a normal computer keyboard. A headline for a press release e. In the case in which the original sentence is never resumed after the interruption, only one dash is used: This seems to be an even more old-fashioned way of referring to the dashes.

en dashes in titles what words

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