Cyberbee com whodunnit crime scene html coding

cyberbee com whodunnit crime scene html coding

Bookmark Example. She walked into her classroom and immediately discovered that the small aquarium had been broken and her prized gold fish were gasping in the sink.

cyberbee com whodunnit crime scene html coding

Footprints of a barefooted burglar led to an open window. Learn how to be a crime solver by exploring the world of the forensic scientist. Click on objects in the picture to view clues.

Download Vocabulary. Who took a bite out of the candy? Bits of a white powdery substance were found next to the broken, empty, piggy bank. After you have completed the skill building assignments, try solving the Case of the Barefoot Burgler.

Crime Scene: The Case of the Barefoot Burglar

A can of blue paint was spilled on the floor. Beside the broken aquarium were the shattered remains of the pink piggy bank that had been on the shelf above the aquarium.

Thanks also go to Bobbie Brooks of Columbus Public Schools who created the crime scene graphic and suspect sketches.

King, the seventh grade science teacher, thought something was fishy as she walked down the hall and noticed that her door was open. Lou Lou.

cyberbee com whodunnit crime scene html coding

When the police arrived they immediately began to gather forensic evidence. Peg the Leg. Answering these questions is what forensic science is all about.

Forensic neuroscience can mean life or death: Dr. Scott Fraser at TEDxUSC

What is that powdery substance next to the broken piggy bank? Dan the Man.

cyberbee com whodunnit crime scene html coding

The objects are evidence and analyzing the evidence is what forensic scientists do. Using the clues found at the crime scene, determine which of these four suspects is the "barefooted burglar"? Download and print the Who Dunnit?

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