Bear trap newhouse #15 bear trap value

His family moved to Oneida County, New York, when he was 14 years old. By 1855, the demand for Newhouse steel traps had grown to such an extent that the Oneida Community leaders decided to begin manufacturing on a much larger scale, and it became a major part of the business dealings of the Community.

bear trap newhouse #15 bear trap value

A good No. The trap is all original and was purchased from a person on...

bear trap newhouse #15 bear trap value

This is a 14 Victor Oneida Jump Trap with teeth. Box 94, Galloway, OH 43119; 614 878-6011. Feb-26 13: Even though it's r...

Vintage Bear Trap. Newhouse Community N.

bear trap newhouse #15 bear trap value

The raised letter pan now read Oneida Newhouse Reg. Trap itself is 24 inches. Bear trap. This would be a great conversational piece for any man cave!

bear trap newhouse #15 bear trap value

However we will try and describe this item the very best we can for you! In 1925, Oneida sold the trap-making division to Animal Trap Company of America, Lititz, PA, where the Newhouse bear traps were continued in limited production through 1976.

Oneida Newhouse #15 Bear Trap circa 1925

At the same time, Oneida also made the No. The value of Newhouse bear traps varies greatly, but all are collectible. Condition and knowing that the parts are original is of most importance when buying these traps. For information on this and other collectible antique traps, contact: Newhouse Kenwood N.

Antique Traps: Solid collectible piece.

Vintage Bear Traps

Sept 26-1911 appeared in raised letters on the pans, and collectors refer to these as the patent date model; they were made in all of the same sizes. Looks great hanging on the wall of a log cabin, hunting lodge, man cave, or primitive decoration.

The earliest model, called a slick pan, had no lettering on the pan.

bear trap newhouse #15 bear trap value