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The trip was an excellen... Thankfully the weather was fine,... The students were fortunate enough... Twelve Year 9 and 10 students left Wilton with a clear blue sky, sunshine and the warmest weather we have experienced in... The success of Science Week depends on you, the event organisers, and here are ways to get involved in your local area as an educator, parent, scientist, business, agency or association. Video — KS2 School Life!

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Choose a venue for your event that makes it as easy as possible for the public to access. Dismiss Search Modal Search. Our small group of five year 12 girls, who have chosen to do English A level, visited the Bronte Parsonage Museum and th...

Year 8 — Thematic Curriculum: Amongst other things, they played... The aim of the day was to design and make a working model of a su... For the third year in a row, Ms Easton and I have o... This was the culmination of much hard work... Y10-13 Rugby Tidworth. This week saw four year groups visit the Chalke Valley History Festival over three days in glorious weather.

Year 8 continued to develop their understanding of Tudor times with a visit to the Mary Rose in Portsmouth yesterday. Students were set the task of organising, planning and promoting a team challenge event for the whole school as part of... On Friday 18 March 2016, there was a whole school Cross Country event. Year 3 — fractions of numbers May 9, 2017 To demonstrate their understanding of fractions of numbers, year 3 students solved this fraction puzzle by producing a p...

As part of their study of WW2, year 6 arranged a Victory in Europe style party.