Whole wheat bread subway calories counter

Subway bread choices: Sadly, the bread is also where most of the sandwich calories come from. Drink water and eat a piece of fruit from home to keep your Subway meal low in calories and healthy, too.

Ultimate Guide to Subway Calories

Or simply dress your salad with vinegar to avoid the extra calories. Remember that you can customize any salad or sandwich at Subway. There are several healthy choices with lean meats that provide enough protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied. But not all menu choices are good for your diet.

whole wheat bread subway calories counter

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whole wheat bread subway calories counter

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Food Wars: Subway Nutrition: High Calories vs Low Calories #LLTV

Just be sure to click the "Customize Yours" button below the nutritional data provided for each sandwich. The highest calorie condiments are ranch and mayonnaise at 110 calories each. No longer just bread, Subway now has flatbread to choose from as well: I guess it all depends on your diet goals: Many Subway menu items are nutritious and lower in both fat and calories.

whole wheat bread subway calories counter

In addition, all calorie counts are for 6" sandwiches. A chocolate chip cookie will add 200 calories to your meal and Lays Potato Chips will add another 230 calories.

Subway Nutrition Facts, Menu Choices & Calories

Vinegar is 0 calories per serving. Continue Reading.

whole wheat bread subway calories counter

I think that will depend on the amount of veggies, extras, and dressing you choose. The fiber will help with feeling hunger and the calories are minimal.