What is new in mobile phone technology

Eco-friendly smartphones Companies are always looking to make their products more environmentally friendly, and phone makers are no exception, with researchers looking into biodegradable materials and cleaner energy charging.

what is new in mobile phone technology

Technology is beginning to pick up real speed thanks to disruptor experiences on current and new devices. An Android-only app for EU citizens' residency — finally, my time to shine!

what is new in mobile phone technology

View All Stories. So, why not have a phone that you can interact with on a whole new level? Apple patents a folding iPhone Tech giant appears to be joining the fold.

what is new in mobile phone technology

Motorola has carved out its own niche in the Android phone market — decent specs for very decent prices — and it's back in that same groove for 2019 with the Moto G7 line-up. Other companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo and more are expected to follow in 2019 with their own twists on this new category of digital journaling. Mobile Technology. Catherine Hiley - Last updated: Chinese province bans app-based homework to save pupils' eyesight. Some futurologists and industry experts predict that in years to come mobile phones will become remote controls for our whole lives, while others forecast that in the future mobile phones will literally run our lives for us.

The mobile phone is dying, but mobile technology is just beginning

This strategy mirrors the original Microsoft Surface initiative to jumpstart the 2-in-1 PC category, which is now one of the most popular in the market. Diversity Events Newsletter. One of the other cool features of the Modai was that it included two different paradigms to help you keep your work life and social life separate.

what is new in mobile phone technology

Kapur has built a system to surf the internet with his mind. For most of us nowadays though, this sentiment applies to our smartphone. Watch this 4-minute in-depth look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold A much better look than Samsung previously showed off.

what is new in mobile phone technology

You may also like. Meanwhile, emerging flexible displays that could be unfolded or unrolled to up to 10 or 14 inches would set phones free from being defined by screen size and even set mobile up with the potential of not being a mobile phone at all! The thinking behind the modular phone was that the Modai could be upgraded with new hardware, such as batteries and better cameras, so your Modai could be updated without you ever having to part with your BPF Best Phone Forever.

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The Modai phone would greet you in the morning, and keep silent at night, and would adapt to different situations in much the same way a human would. Major Contracts. At a Mobile World Congress where foldable phones are grabbing most of the headlines, the new LG G8 ThinQ and LG V50 ThinQ can look unspectacular by comparison — but LG's new flagships for 2019 come with a number of useful upgrades, without deviating too much from last year's models.